Why European and Brazilian Portuguese
should be taught separately

Differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese
The differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese are much more significant than, for example,
those between American and British English.
There are substantial divergences in sentence construction and pronunciation,
in addition to variations in vocabulary.

The problem for Portuguese schools
All our significant competitors in London offer mixed classes of European and Brazilian Portuguese.
This policy aims to reach the minimum number of registrations necessary to make the courses financially viable.
Yet, these hybrid classes result in an ineffective and challenging exercise for both teachers and students.
In fact, for the teacher, such classes can be described as 'mission impossible.' Moreover, teachers proficient in both variants are extremely rare.

Our approach
As the largest Portuguese-only school in the UK, we cater to a significantly higher number of students compared to non-specialised schools.
Consequently, we can avoid resorting to the ineffective solution of mixed classes.

Our offer
We offer separate courses in European and Brazilian Portuguese, each taught by native-speaker professional teachers from Portugal and Brazil.
This is the only sensible approach for those interested in learning Portuguese seriously.

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