Our courses are organised in seven levels from Beginner to Advanced.
In each level the learner does 20 hours of training in standard classes, plus 6 hours in workshops for revisions (optional).
The first six levels use three textbooks, one per each two levels.
The seventh level (Advanced) uses other materials (description below)
The levels' structure is the same for European and Brazilian Portuguese, but the books and teachers for each variant are different.
Note on six week courses: Learners doing six week courses (12 hours plus workshop) please read the note at the bottom of this page.

Number of hours of previous training
Beginner 0 hours Course for beginners. A learner who has been informally exposed to the language and know some Portuguese, may nevertheless need to complete this level. If in doubt please contact us for an assessment. Uses the first half of the first textbook
Beginner Plus 20 hours 2nd half of the first textbook
Elementary 40 hours 1st half of the second texbook
Elementary Plus 60 hours 2nd half of the second texbook
Intermediate 80 hours 1st half of the third texbook
Intermediate Plus 100 hours 2nd half of the third texbook
Advanced - Continuous Seminars 120 hours + Textbook and other materials to be chosen by the teacher. The Avanced Continuous Seminars aren't organised as standard courses. They are seminars aiming at the development of spoken interaction towards fluency, the deepening of all the skills involved in using Portuguese, and the revision and consolidation of grammar structures studied in the previous levels. Learners attending these seminars can enrol in as many as they like. The themes, materials and activities will vary from seminar to seminar.
Beginner & Beginner Plus (course for Spanish speakers only) 0 hours of Portuguese
(minimum Intermediate level of Spanish required)
This is a special course for Spanish speakers who never studied Portuguese formally. The learner doesn't need to be a native speaker of Spanish, but an intermediate level of Spanish is required. This is a fast-track course covering two levels (Beginner and Beginner Plus) in 20 hours
Essential Portuguese Practical Skills 0 hours This is a condensed version of our standard Beginner course, focused on practical skills and a compreensive overview of the fundamental structures.
Conversational Portuguese 50-60 hours Practice and development of spoken skills for those with an Intermediate in Portuguese

Six Week Courses: In the six week courses learners complete 60% of our Beginner or Beginner Plus levels.
These courses are organised to work well as stand-alone courses, but the learner can move to the next level by completing a special one-to-one catching-up module.