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We would like to invite everyone to a talk about Transfer, a book to be released soon.
The book's Brazilian author Kevin Kraus will speak about his "poetic chronicles", short stories written when he lived in London and reflecting his experience of London
The talk is in English, with some elements of Portuguese, so it's suitable both for beginners and Advanced learners of Portuguese, or even for people without any knowledge of the language.

Kevin Kraus - a teacher at Portuguese Global and the author of Transfer, being released now - will talk also about his experience as a writer, books, small publishers and writers from Brazil.
It will be a short 40-minute presentation and then 20 minutes for questions and debate.
Transfer is a book as critic as the London rain that Kevin describes in one of his short stories.
Raw texts, cinematographic chronicles where it is possible to “see” the city through intimate records, through the observation of characters who come up during the author's 3 year period in the city. He usually writes and photographs with a not-so-Brazilian look opening a singular debate: is it possible to escape from being an immigrant?
Almost all of the texts collected in this book were written in movement – travelling in the tube and trains, during night trips by bus, in low-cost planes when travelling across the explorers' continent.

Transfer is part of the Caravelas collection, seven authors and 5 artists.

Kevin Kraus is a teacher, translator and writer. He flirts with various formats of artistic production: photography, drawing, painting and music. He published the collective book Transitivos (Poetry, 2011) and Mazombo (Poetry, 2020). He also photographed London, literally portraying, also in images, this work.

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