Portuguese for Spanish Speakers


Key facts

Spanish and Portuguese are two linguistically very close languages, although with somewhat different origins and histories
Standard classes of Portuguese result in a very slow and frustrating pace of progression for a Spanish speaker
These special courses are suitable for anyone with an intermedite to advanced level of Spanish
Communicational method based on the development of spoken interaction
Special methodologies, specific materials, and adequately trained teachers to teach Portuguese via Spanish
Our Spanish speakers only group classes are the ideal environment for a Spanish speaker to learn Portuguese, as demonstraded by the huge success of our courses
On this courses we don't make a distinction between European or Brazilian Portuguese. Both variants will be explained and practiced
The main objective is to follow a fast-track course, doing in 20 hours a programme that in standard courses takes 40 hours
After finishing this fast-track course the learner goes directly to the Elementary level, by-passing Beginner Plus. In the Elementary level the learner opts between European or Brazilian Portuguese
Classrooms equipped with electronic boards, with Internet connection
Maximum number of students per class: sixteen. Average number: eight *
Ten weeks (once a week) courses. 2 hr classes from 6.30pm to 8.30pm