Portuguese for Spanish Speakers
Key Facts

Spanish and Portuguese are linguistically very close, although they have different origins and histories.

Standard Portuguese classes progress frustratingly slowly for Spanish speakers.

For anyone with an intermediate to advanced level of Spanish, our course for Spanish speakers is the best way to quickly start their study of Portuguese.

Special methodologies, a communicative approach, specific materials, and adequately trained teachers are the main elements of this very successful course that we have been running for seven years now.

In these courses, we don't distinguish between European or Brazilian Portuguese. Both variants are explained and practiced.

The main objective is to complete a fast-track course in just 16 hours, a process that would typically take 32 hours in standard courses.

Upon completing this fast-track course, learners advance directly to the Pre-Elementary level by passing Beginner Plus. At the Pre-Elementary level, learners can choose between European or Brazilian Portuguese.

The course spans eight weeks, with one class per week. Each class lasts for 2 hours, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

This course is conducted exclusively online and is the ideal choice for Spanish-speaking beginner students of Portuguese.
Upon completion, learners have the option to continue with either face-to-face or online classes at the Pre-Elementary level.

If you are a Spanish speaker, this is definitely the best course you can take to start learning Portuguese.

However, if you prefer face-to-face classes at the beginner level, you can opt for the standard face-to-face Beginner courses in either European or Brazilian Portuguese (separate courses).