Online courses

Key facts:
In London, across the UK, and worldwide. Wherever you are, you can learn Portuguese with the best qualified professional teachers
This format allows us to offer the services of the best professional teachers independently of their geographical location, be it in the UK, Portugal or Bazil.
We'be been offering this service for over seven years, with a huge sucess, and it's becoming more and more popular
Experienced and friendly professional teachers whoa are as engaging online as they are in person
The platform (Skype or our dedicated platform) supports video and voice, and a writing interface that works as a white board, so you can be sure of a full and efficient learning experience.
Prices are lower than with face to face courses, as the teacher doesn't need to travel between classes, so she or he can do a much more cos-effective use of her/his time
Communicational method based on the development of spoken interaction
In one to one training learning objectives are achieved quicker than in group courses, and specific individual requirements can be addressed
One to one training is scheduled within the learner's time avilability including weekends
Full satisfaction or money back guarantee: the first lesson is contracted as a no commitment taster class. If the learner doesn't wish to continue, we'll refund of the remaining lessons.


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