One to One Services

Key facts:

One to one lessons can start at any time and the schedule is designed according to the learner's specifications. Available times include weekdays and weekends. We just need to know the place and time for the classes and a trainer will be allocated within four working days of the booking.

We don't organise one to one services at our school. One to one lessons normally take place at the learner's home or office or sometimes at a suitable public place. We tend to organise these services services within TFL zone 1. If the learner's office or home is outside zone 1, there are suitable places like public libraries that we recommend for the classes. Neverthelesss, we will consider services at home or offices outside TFL zone 1, on a case by case basis. The availability of our services on those cases depends on the closeness of underground stations.
In most cases, online training, via Skype or other platforms, is an excellent and convenient format. The price is lower, since there's no tutor's travel time involved. Online training also facilitates our ability to allocate the most qualified tutors to the learner's specific needs.

Follow this link for a detailed description of online training.

The courses are customised to each learner’s requirements. We normally carry out a preliminary assessment either in person at our school, or over the phone, and through a learner’s profile to be completed online, to establish his/her level and basic needs, as well as checking the learner’s linguistic abilities and history in any non-native language. When we confirm we are ready to start the trainer’s allocation process, the client proceeds to the booking online. We aim at starting all the courses within a maximum of four working days after the booking.

The trainer’s profile is sent to the learner for appreciation prior to the start of the course. The director of studies follows closely the course’s development and will deal with any aspects that may need attention.

Until 24 hours after the first class the learner is entitled to stop the course and request a refund for the remaining lessons. The learner can cancel and postpone a lesson as long as a min 24 hour notice is given to the trainer. These and other conditions are detailed in the Terms, Conditions and Warranties document sent to the client with the contract.

Full satisfaction or money back guarantee. The first lesson is paid as a taster class. If the learner doesn't wish to continue, we'll either refund the remaining classes, or change the tutor, at the learner's discretion.

Needless to say, we pay very careful attention to the quality of our trainers. They are professional teachers, native speakers, academically qualified and experienced in language teaching. They also go through a highly demanding selection process before joining our team and are subject to regular re-training and methodology update afterwards.

Contracts are normally arranged in blocks of ten lessons, although we also do five lessons contracts or long time contracts of hundreds of hours, in particular for corporate services. One session or two sessions per week are the most common services, but for one to one courses we are totally flexible and will be happy to discuss any other frequency or number of lessons, for example, intensive courses of several hours per day. We consider a block of ten lessons to be the minimum number required to assess the results achieved within a given functional level, but we are happy to discuss a different number of lessons per block.

One to one training face to face is held at the learner's office, home (or a suitable public place, like a public library)
One to one training online, via Skype or dedicated platforms, is fast becoming a popular choice, due to its convenience, effectiveness, and lower cost (tutor's travel time isn't involved)
In one to one training learning objectives are achieved quicker than in group courses, and specific individual requirements can be addressed
One to one training is scheduled within the learner's time avilability including weekends
Full satisfaction or money back guarantee. The first lesson is paid as a taster class. If the learner doesn't wish to continue, we'll either refund the remaining classes, or change the tutor, at the learner's discretion.