Group Services


Key facts

We have courses of ten weeks (once a week) and five weeks (twice a week).

Class duration: 2 hr classes from 6.30pm to 8.30pm

With each course we offer two workkshops of three hours (catching-up, revisions, questions) on Saturdays.

European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese in separate classes

Special fast-track course for Spanish speakers

All the courses are currently taught online with Zoom.

Communicational method aiming at the development of speaking skills

The teachers are professional native speakers with a relevant academic degree, and specific training in teaching Portuguese as a non-native language

Maximum number of students per class: sixteen. Average number: eight

Cost: £215.00. 26 hours of trainiing (20 hours course + 6 hours workshops)


Note on the courses with Zoom
The Zoom plafform is an excellent tool for language taching. In some instances it can even be more effective for the learning process than traditional classroom classes.
For example, the breakout rooms allow for the creation of smaller rooms to work in pairs or small groups; the screen share, whiteboard and chat allow for video sharing and the creation of a very dynanmic and productive learning environment.
We will return to face to face classes in the winter term sarting in January 2022. But we'll also maintain from now on the offer of online classes for all the courses.