• Sep
  • 29
  • 2020

New Services Preparing the Future of Language Training

As of this autumn term, starting on 12th October, we'll be offering a vast range of new services that we hope will add a great deal of value to your Portuguese studies, and greatly improve the results of your learning.

These new features emerged as a result of the online training format, which we have adopted since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. This terrible pandemic has accelerated the move towards digitalisation amongst human societies and will inevitably and permanently reshape the way we live, communicate, and do business.

Online training is here to stay. This is particularly true for some areas of training that are more akin to coaching, such as the field of language teaching for adults.

As we fully embrace digitalisation, we will continue to broadcast our classes via Zoom and other digital platforms, even when a safer environment allows us to finally return to our physical school premises once again.

We are therefore committed to moving decisively to the full implementation of b-learning (blended learning, a combination of brick-and-mortar school training and the use of new technologies) and online e-learning. From now onwards, starting this autumn term, we'll be including in all our courses the following services:

1. Free access to a database of on-line videos prepared by our teachers with explanations on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
2. Free access to weekly (one hour max) sessions to solve quick questions and help with homework (pre-booked).
3. Free access to monthly cultural 3 hour webinars (worth £30.00, price for the general public).
4. Two free 3 hour workshops per course to answer questions, revise and catch-up (the same as we've been doing for a long time now).
5. Face to face meetings for our students (Portuguese spoken only!) in parks, pubs, and other interesting places, in London and other cities, to socialise and practice Portuguese, when it's safe do so.

All this represents a substantial investment from us in an effort to draw on the many strengths and advances of the online and digital formats to enhance the language learning experience.

The pandemic is a terrible experience for all of us. But it has also shown ways that we think will improve our future. The new possibilities open to language learning is one of them. So we'd like to invite you to join us in this new exciting format.