• Sep
  • 19
  • 2019

"Bacalhau" (cod) in São Paulo

Like the previous one this photo was taken in the "Mercadão" (Big Market), the municipal market of São Paulo, Brazil. Looking attentively to the images there are so many things to learn... On the previous image you can see the flags of Brazil and Portugal. Then look at the logo on the left side (previous image). The place is very aptly named "Empório Luso Brasileiro - Rei do bacalhau" (Luso Brazilian Emporium - King of the Cod). "Empório" refers to a trading place. The adjective "luso" refers to the old region of Lusitania and its people, the Lusitanians, the pre-roman origins of modern Portugal. Portugal is the world's largest consumer of dry cod. And it's not per capita! A country of 10 million peoaple is the world's largest consumer of dry cod in absolute terms. Brazil is probably the second largest consumer. On this image you can see dry cod (bottom left) on sale in the São Paulo's Mercadão.