• Aug
  • 18
  • 2019

Cervantes in Lisbon

This post reproduces a story published by Javier Rioyo in the Spanish newspaper El PaĆ­s (25th Jan 2015). The story is particularly interesting for our school, as we teach special courses of Portuguese for Spanish speakers!
With thanks to the author here's our translation of the article's beginning:
"Miguel de Cervantes spent two misterious and happy years in Portugal. He knew love and disappointments. Between the springs of 1581 and 1583, he enjoyed a somewhat unstable stay in Portugal, mainly in Lisbon. A period of his life which is still one of the less well-known, studied, told and controversial of his adventurous existence." If you can read Spanish here's the full article:
We promiss we'll post an English translation (as soon a possible!)