Our services

We offer one to one and group courses of European and Brazilian Portuguese. For a detailed description, please click to visit the services page.

Who we are

Portuguese Global is the UK's leading school of Portuguese as a second language for adults. We specialise in Portuguese teaching, providing face-to-face and online training in London and worldwide.

Our history

We started in 2007 under the brand Lingua Direta. 17 years on, we are now the biggest provider of Portuguese teaching in the UK and the only one specialising in all variants of the Portuguese language.

Why choose us

  • Swift and Competent Solutions:
    Our exclusive focus on Portuguese allows us to be highly specialised and fulfil any requirement, offering technically competent and culturally informed teaching.

  • Quality Services:
    Utilising first-class course materials and up-to-date methods and techniques, our highly qualified teachers are professional native speakers with a relevant academic degree and specific training in Portuguese as a second language.

  • Personalised Service:
    Your particular needs will be discussed with one of our expert linguists. The Director of Studies monitors progress, liaising whenever necessary with the student and teacher.

  • Complete Satisfaction or Your Money Back:
    In one-to-one training, you may change your mind after the first lesson and ask for a different teacher or simply have your money back.

  • Our Client Portfolio:
    We are proud of our portfolio of clients, including major corporations and institutions operating in Portugal, Angola, Brazil, as well as individuals learning Brazilian or European Portuguese for personal reasons, and school and university students. Our clients include the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, BNP Paribas, Hogan Lovells, Ernest & Young, and Exxon Mobil, among others. Individuals learning Portuguese for personal reasons also comprise an important part of our clients.

What sets us apart

We only teach Portuguese. Portuguese Global offers a team of high-calibre professional teachers, who are native speakers from Portugal or Brazil, with outstanding preparation and extensive experience.
Our classes are selectively designed for those wishing to learn one of the Portuguese variants, in individual lessons or group courses, at our school in London and worldwide through online training.

Focusing exclusively on the Portuguese language allows us to pay maximum attention to detail, optimising methodologies and resources across the different variants of the Portuguese language, and deepening its cultural dimension. It also enables us to provide specialised services like Portuguese for Spanish Speakers.
In the highly competitive market of language teaching, nothing but excellence will keep us in business. We are a solidly results-driven, dynamic and modern organisation, where teachers go through a rigorous selection process, new technologies are fully applied to education, methodologies are cutting-edge, and teachers receive in-house training.

All our classrooms are equipped with up-to-date teaching technology, allowing the use of audio-visual and digital media.


Learning a new language is more than getting to grips with different grammar and vocabulary. Most people need to use the language to interact - speaking and communicating with other Portuguese speakers. Our teachers, therefore, follow the communicative approach to language teaching. This method prioritises communicative oral performance, but the written aspect is not neglected, and specific training of written skills may be required for some purposes, for example, GCSEs or A Level exams, or university assignments. We will equip you with the right tools to learn the language fast and in a culturally-sensitive way, in accordance with your objectives.